Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who needs sawhorses?!

I need to support these  huge parts while I fiberglass them.  I didn't want to buy/store a pair of sawhorses in my already full garage so I had an idea last night.  I cut two lengths of 2x4", screwed them together, then screwed that pair to the vertical support as seen on the left here:
The left white 2x4 is 4" higher than the right one so this allows me to rest another board in this gap.  I then took the remainder of the 10' 2x4 board and set one end in that gap, slid the sustainer over it, and rested the other end on my fold-up table.  Voila!  I can rotate the sustainer as needed and the whole setup stores away in a tiny space when I'm done. 

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