Sunday, September 26, 2010

After 5+ hours of arduous construction today...

...I completed the following:
  • Der Red Mix mark II - cut, sanded, and JB Welded retainers to all motor tubes. Drilled and marked all centering rings and attached U-bolts to top centering ring. Epoxied top centering ring assembly onto 54mm central tube as a carefully aligned datum for the remainder of the complex motor assembly. Cut and sanded the electronics bay coupler.
  • 2000 MPH design - cut and sanded booster extension tube to accommodate 34" motor casing. Trimmed excess carbon fiber from interior of coupler.
  • Half-a-Vertical-Assault - This is the kit bash for which I designed the e-bay in the 3" nosecone. I got the motor/fin can assembly started today. This bonus design should complete fairly quickly as I won't need to reinforce the Blue Tube 2.0 airframe.
Starting is the hardest part so I'm moving again. In addition to the above I also need to rebuild the electronics bay for my 54mm minimum diameter and build another custom booster for the same.