Monday, June 30, 2008

What damage 4 seconds can cause!

I've learned to respect the time unit of one second.  It's amazing how much impact this miniscule time increment can impact our efforts and lives.  I'm getting my second wind on this level 3 thing and tonight I finally committed the zipper damage to blog memory:
Ouch.  That hurts.  The good news is that I'm convinced it'll be better than new when the repairs are complete and that the nose cone remains unscathed.  I plan to cut off all but ~4" of the left tube and roughly half of the right tube.  I'll then epoxy couplers into each and attach a new length of 7.5" airframe tubing.  One cured and fiberglassed the whole rocket will be a bit longer but these repaired joints should be very strong.  
     I'll plan to update my documentation package with a new pre-flight data form and addenda on these repairs.  I'm also gonna make changes to the electronics switches so they can be armed externally.  If Kurt and Dok will be at the July 12th launch at Lucerne I might try again because I'd like to attain my L3 cert before my 40th BD in September.

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