Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Funberglassing... I mean fiberglassing begins.

Actually fiberglassing is becoming less tedious the more I do it.  I began by building a template in Illustrator for a pair of fin surfaces and the body tube in between.  I placed this template on the fiberglass cloth at a 45˚ angle (to maximize strength in the final composite), traced around it with a paint pen, and cut around it with about 1/2" margin all around:
I pressed this piece of glass cloth into a fin pair before committing epoxy:
Finally I mixed up a double batch of epoxy (no filler) and used a disposable paint brush to apply it to the cloth.  I then squeegeed the excess resin off of these surfaces and this new composite reinforcement is curing now:
I'll repeat this for the other three fin pairs and then start on the rest of the tube.

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