Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tubular nylon linkages

While waiting for some other parts to cure I secured quick links to each end of both 30 foot lengths of tubular nylon:

I leveraged the Public Missles technique of:
  • tying a triple square knot (it's probably called something else, however)
  • applying a couple of drops of CA adhesive to tack the knot in place
  • applying epoxy to the two nylon interfaces at each end
  • wrapping three pieces of gaffer's tape along these two lengths of nylon at each end to bind them together
  • placing a clamp near the knot at each end
  • allow to cure
Since these assemblies will tether together the sustainer/payload and payload/nosecone it's extremely important that they be robust; hence the overkill on knotting and bonding.

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