Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thunder & Lightning mark II

Several years ago it took me 5 years to build and fly my first PML Thunder & Lightning. I was psyched on the paint job at the time and my amazing and beautiful ex took this photo for me:
Unfortunately I set the upper stage timer for three seconds rather than 0-1 seconds and that beautiful rocket powered into the hard desert dirt at about mach 1 on its maiden flight. That flight also killed my prized AltAcc2A altimeter. Undaunted I lucked out and replaced that altimeter with the 2C version and purchased another T&L kit. While I had this kit lying around for about a year and a half I finally started it and finished the sustainer build and paint in under two weeks. It'll look very much the same as my first build above with one exception: car paint!:
Now that's some gloss!! This was my first and only paint job in the paint booth below before I realized it wasn't going to work and abandoned it. My final option to master car paint will require adequate ventilation in my garage and I'll park my car outside while I paint. The 500th time's the charm right?!
Finally I should note that, while I'm leveraging the original booster, I still have parts to build a second booster for a 3-stage version:
I'm a bit surprised that it remains totally stable without additional modification. That should be a fun flight if/when I attempt it.


The EGE said...

Three HPR stages? That should be absolutely awesome. What'll you fly it on.

G Frickin' Muneh said...

If you're gonna go... go big right? I'm considering a J420/J350/J350 combination but we'll see. I only have one 38/720 casing so I'd need to borrow two more.

Anonymous said...

Well, based upon your opening 2-stage round, i.e., mach-1-down, you might want to put up a deposit if you "borrow" casings for a 3-stage flight - let's see, 3:2 means you have the potential for a mach-1.5-down flight! Be sure to let me know when when you try it - that way I can put the bucket-brigade on alert...Guru

G Frickin' Muneh said...

I'd recently enabled open comments to make it easier for folks without Google or OpenID accounts to contribute constructive criticism and comments. That's turned off now thanks to the cunthead-fred-type, cowardly, anonymous troll above. Now you'll need to identify yourself to post such negativity on my blog.

My first inclination was to delete the comment but, as I prize the first amendment and free speech, I'll leave it and take this opportunity to further clarify my character.

If I were to borrow a casing from a fellow flyer I would definitely use it in the first booster thus virtually ensuring its safe recovery. If ANYTHING were to happen to such a loaner I would replace it with a brand new one as my first priority.

The key difference between me and the anonymous shit-head above is that I'm humble and self-deprecating. I choose to share my failures alongside my successes in the hope that what I've learned might improve time to success for others.

I'm certain that Anonymous never makes mistakes so good for him!

Doug said...

Anonymous Guru flies his dad's Estes

G Frickin' Muneh said...

I'd like to clarify that my venting above was directed to one particularly scathing individual in our small community. I no longer think he posted the comment but, as I would not put it past him, I'll leave my pre-tort as forewarning to this person.

R2K said...