Wednesday, August 19, 2009

M750 flight APPROVED... Drag race style!

I completed my altitude prediction report for EM-SEM-FITY on an M750 and our president and range safety officer approved the flight for Plaster Blaster! (click the thumbnail below for a legible JPEG):

Yay. My best prediction is the unweighted average of all the simulations and historic data: 21,333' (4.04 miles!). I tried to post this as a PDF as well as the RockSim file but I'm having way too many FTP issues right now so I give up.
I also shared this packet with Frank Hermes who's also attempting the President's 20K challenge. He had the excellent idea to launch our attempts simultaneously as an M750 drag race. Our club president, Paul Snow, approved this drag race as well! This should prove spectacular and Frank has promised to be a good sport when he loses. :)

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The EGE said...

That should prove to be made of pure win and coated with solid awesome. Best of luck, and take LOTS of picture :)