Saturday, July 25, 2009

First successful car paint sesh

Last weekend I'd posted pix of the priming session. Well that primer was ready to sand in 2 hrs so I did. I then enthusiastically proceeded to apply paint and here are the results:
I'm very pleased with the outcome this time although there's still room for improvement:
  • I left the primed V2 (white rocket) booster outside drying for awhile. I should have then cleaned off the dust before applying the white paint and that would have eliminated the repellencies you can still see up close.
  • Also the metallic purple Vertical Assault still shows some pinholes in the fiberglassed surface. This paint is thick and coalesces/covers well but not for pinholes. As such I'm paying extra attention to the EM-SEM-FITY exterior finish with filler and primer prior to car primer and paint.
  • Finally I erred on the side of less paint overall to reduce the chances of ugly drips forming. As a result there's a low amplitude, low frequency ripple on the surface of the purple Vertical Assault. This isn't a big deal and I'll probably be a bit more aggressive in wetting out the paint evenly on my next attempt.
I've also decided to paint the little V2 authentically:
...although mine will be white where the yellow is. In searching for this paint scheme I also came across a logo that was used in the WWII days called "Frau Im Mond" which I think translates to "woman in the moon":
I really like this logo 'cause I'm a perv so I'm either going to render the moon, stars, and rocket in 3D and superimpose a picture of a real girl or ask my friend to try to paint that logo. Either way I'll print it out on adhesive white film and spray clear coat over the whole rocket as the final step. Should be cool.

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