Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big automotive primer session

After two previously failed car paint attempts the stars finally aligned today. I had queued up six parts that had been sanded and ready to spray prime with Martin Senour Crossfire primer. I carefully sprayed each part with their cleaner, wiped each down, and allowed all to dry. I then sprayed their plastic adhesion promoter on one PE nose cone and a fin can to ensure a good bond. Here's my spray setup on my upper deck outside having just finished all six parts:
It turns out that I WAY overestimated the amount of primer I'd need so I ended up wasting about half. Good thing it's only $40/quart... dumb ass. :( Here are four of the parts are drying:
I probably shouldn't be allowing these isocyanate-cured parts to dry near my kitchen but ya can't live forever. Also I can't praise my respirator sufficiently! I can't even smell a hint of acetone while I'm wearing that thing.

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