Friday, August 1, 2008

The rebuild commences...

Alright so I've reserved an SUV from Budget for August 8th/9th so I'm feeling the pressure to get these repairs done.  Tonight went really well.  I had started last month by simulating cut lengths using Illustrator.  When I was comfortable with these lenghts I then began with the damaged booster section and marked it all up using a ruler, a tape measure, and an alignment guide.  After marking out the zippered areas I put on a reinforced cutting blade on the Dremel tool and carefully cut out the detritus. This first shot is zoomed out to show the scale of these cuts:
This second is zoomed in to show the markings and cuts:
Finally I marked up a 7.5" phenolic tube with the matching male part to patch this damage. This third shot shows the coupler (not yet trimmed to length) inside the cut area:
Finally this last shots shows how well the parts will mate up.  I need to do some fine tuning but this first phase of repair exceeded my accuracy expectations!:
I'll fine-tune these parts tomorrow night and start on the payload section.  I'm pretty tired now so peace out.

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