Sunday, August 3, 2008

Electronics switches fixed!

To maximize strength I had planned to drill the switch holes forward of the bulk plate. This would have distanced them from the buckle-susceptible region of the payload section aft of the bulkhead near the tube coupler interface.  I then reconsidered and kept it simple since I had strongly reinforced this otherwise relatively weak region.  You can see that I drilled two holes 120˚ from the vent hole and pushed the switches into them:
Since I was able to find an AltAcc2C altimeter I plan to pull the timer.  As a result I soldered a female power switch connector for the AltAcc (above in rust red).  I'll connect this switch to the board first then slide it in further to attach the switch leads to the ARTS2 altimeter.  I test fit everything before committing to solder and I also put a drop of CA adhesive on each switch hole.  This should keep them from twisting when I'm arming them.  NO MORE HORIZONTAL ARMING REQUIRED!!  :)

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