Monday, May 26, 2008

The Motor Tube Assembly

Before I realized the video camera wouldn't fit in the sustainer I did a bunch of work to integrate a mounting plate system onto the top-most centering ring surrounding the motor tube:

Basically the bottom plate would have mounted to the centering ring, the 1/4"x20 bolt would have threaded up through the upper plate into the camera's tripod mount, and this plate would then be screwed down into the lower plate.  It would have worked very well but I wanted credit for trying even though I abandoned this feature.  :)  After sanding the exterior of 4" motor tube and assembling this upper ring and I epoxied it 1/2" below the top of the upper end of the motor tube, applied masking tape below to hold it up and allowed it to cure:

I then marked the motor tube at 15.5" up from the bottom and epoxied a second centering ring above this line (just above the fin slot as seen in this next shot), secured it with masking tape, and allowed it to cure:

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