Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick build overview

I've been building for awhile now and there are way too many details to share in a few blog posts.  If you've perused the lengthy documentation packet below you'll understand that I threw away the instructions included with the kit and totally rewrote the build plan from scratch.  I'm going to summarize my work thus far in roughly four posts above: 
  • the motor tube - the 4" motor tube and upper two centering rings
  • the sustainer - the lower body tube containing the motor tube and fins
  • the payload section - the upper body tube housing both the electronics bay and huge main parachute
  • the nose cone - contains nose weight, expanding foam, and a bulkhead to connect it to the payload section
There will be some future entries above those including finishing touches, fiberglassing, and painting as well.  

It's not my intent to document every step and every picture here but rather to spot verify that I followed the rigorously detailed build plan in the doc packet.  If you have questions or need clarifications on any of the steps please read the documentation packet or post comments and I can respond to them in this blog. 

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