Saturday, June 4, 2016

Holtville launch report for 5/7/16

Brevity remains inevitable here as I had only one flight but here are the photos captured by Mark Treseder and myself.   Here's the one GoPro vid I captured of Mark  Treseder's Little John on a CTI 396I195 Red Lightning:
I flew only a CTI 538I303 Blue Streak in the 2.5" Nike Smoke, for which I captured neither liftoff photos nor video. I did, however, manage to record yet ANOTHER fucking runway landing marking this an unfortunate recovery two months in a row:
This time damage was negligible but... really?  I know I must attribute this to dumb probability but my rocket array won't survive much more of this concrete that acts like a fiberglass magnet. Ugh.  I  need a napping Lola to cheer this post up: Lola!

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