Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lucerne... Punisher... K1440... redemption!

I'll augment this entry soon but here's the video of yesterday's K1440 flight to 13,932' with full recovery:
My trusty Comm-spec tracking system led me to it but only after seeing nothing after burnout, walking several minutes North in marginal disbelief, and finally catching a glimpse of red 'chute. Here's the view back toward the flight line ~1 mile South (shocker!):
K1440 redemption recovery. Lucerne, May 2016.
Here's the flight data from my new Raven 3 (70G/30G):

  • Tabular, graph
  • Barometric altitude: 13,808'
  • Max velocity: 1,297 MPH
  • Max axial acceleration: 62.5 Gees (!!)
Good times.  I bought a CTI 2014K1200 White Thunder from the epic David Reese at Wildman West for another good time soon.

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