Monday, March 9, 2015

I fixed my 3D printer!

After a grace period of seeming success I managed to clog my left nozzle and even shear the right one off! I fixed the left extruder and now I'm trying, for the third time, to print the V2 airframe:
On a hunch I suspected that I've had a mild to severe clog in the left nozzle ever since I bought the printer.  I rolled the dice and ordered a tiny chuck and miniscule 0.38mm drill bit that cleaned 'er out and now I have yet to hear even a minor filament feed hiccup:

I just ordered a hand chuck and that, combined with a reverse-threaded extraction tool and replacement nozzle, should fix the right extruder.


W.Cook said...

Next time, take a torch and heat the heck out of the nozzle. It will burn away the clog.

oddmanrockets said...


W.Cook said...

You do have to be careful not to OVER-heat it, though. Just go until you see smoke - that means the plastic is burning away.