Monday, January 19, 2015

Initial V2 modeling complete

This morning I added a shoulder to the nose cone and a shock cord attach hoop that's smooth to reduce stress points:

I also built a rail guide by downloading the .dxf cross section from and extruding a virtual rail within which I could bevel/extrude:

The larger hole of the three near the motor mount will be the Kevlar shock cord attach point.  I'll just tie a square knot or two in one end as an anchor and thread the cord up through the airframe to the nose cone.  The two smaller, opposing holes in the base are guides for the wood screws to retain the motor. Finally I improved the leading edge taper of the fins and sharpened up the bottoms to maximize adhesion to the heated build platform.

The airframe alone will require 15 hours to print at 0.3mm layer height or 25 hours at 0.2mm layer height (!) so I want to minimize the risk that the part will pop off before it finishes.

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