Sunday, January 18, 2015


There are many free, open-source programs to slice 3D models into tool paths that can be used by a 3D printer.  I downloaded a installed a few this morning including CuraSlic3r and PrintRun/Pronterface. There's another package called Simplify3D that looks interesting, especially via this forum thread, but it's very steep at $140 and there's no trial version.  I've used Slic3r before at work but I think I'm liking Cura more now and here's the tool path preview of the V2's fin can and motor mount:

Teal-green is raft and support material, red is the model's exterior shell, green are inner shells, yellow is volumetric fill (10%), and blue are travel moves without extrusion.  Niceness!!


Brian Hastings said...

How do you like the CreatorBot3D? I was looking at purchasing one for my school.

Brian Hastings said...

I have two high school teams in the NASA SLI program, and they want to make a number of 3D parts.

G Frickin' Muneh said...

Hi, Brian.

I very much like my Creatorbot 3D but the increased build volume can often prove challenging. I'm in the process of designing a lid to ensure uniform heating within the printer and I'll laser-cut that in January.

Theoretically one could print an ~8" diameter V2 in 4-5 segments and fly high-power motors in it.

I hope this helps. Thanks and happy holidays.