Sunday, December 7, 2014

ROCStock launch, Lucerne, November 2014

It was another beautiful day of essentially windless flying at Lucerne on November 8th.  I was mainly there to witness Scott Yeatons' Level 3 attempt but wanted to fly at least one rocket as well.  I've had this AT 2406K650 Blue Thunder sitting in my closet for awhile now but only my trusty Em-Sem-Fity 98mm minimum diameter vessel seems compatible.  This "coffee can" motor shot is probably as close as my blog will ever get to rocket porn:
Second time was a charm and Em-Sem-Fity flew well on the "Kay-Sikz-Fity" despite the first igniter burning yet somehow failing to ignite the motor; that never ceases to amaze me:

Here's the Raven 2 graph (click image for enlarged version):
[Tabular data here] Peaks... V: 548MPH  A: 10.4G  Baro Alt, AGL: 6,113 ft.  It was a clean flight that, shocker, landed about a mile away 'cause that's how I roll:
I  must also commend Scott Yeaton for a picture-perfect level 3 prep, flight, and recovery on a CTI 5506M1230 Imax:

Thanks also to Scott's other TAP, Kurt Gugisberg, because he rocks and I very much enjoy working alongside him.  Yay, another great launch!

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