Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back in it on the Lucerne tip

I'm sad to report that I hadn't burned a single molecule of ammonium perchlorate since November 2013.  Many factors including the FAA arbitrarily denying the SD club's waiver renewal (after 10 year of continuous good will), the struggle to find a new launch site, excessive heat, and Saturday timing issues forced my protracted break.  I finally attended Lucerne's September launch and lobbed two sport flights into the blue:

2.5" Madcow Nike Smoke on CTI 286H100 Imax

Dark Star Lite on CTI 93G80 Skidmark

No you're not passing out after viewing that second shot...  I just wanted to share that, after 14 year of rigorous photographic training, I remain focus-challenged.  :)

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