Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wha's over that'a'way?


...designed and built Der Red Mix from scratch a few years back and promptly crashed it according to an otherwise impressive cacophony of errors on my part.

...rebuilt my design as Der Red Mix mark II a fewer number of years back and flew it perfectly well, twice, humbly sheathed only in white primer.

...finally finished DRMmarkII tonight as I'd original envisioned those years back and, conveniently, just in time or Plaster Blaster 2013.  This Saturday, nearer to dusk than dawn, I'll kick her off the ground with a K675 Skidmark, then two I297 Skids, then two I180 Skids, then two H123 Skids all one second apart.  This should prove sparktacular.

So come out this weekend and git ya some!

1 comment:

brock w said...

That's going to be an awesome flight! Looking forward to the video.