Sunday, October 6, 2013

ToDo... Back in it!

Hi there, loyal readers.  I've pretty much taken a break from rocketry since about May of this year as work has taken priority but I'm wrapping up a successful fiscal year through 10/31.  I had planned to attend yesterday's Plaster City launch but instead elected to Stand Up For Skateparks as it's an amazing cause that helps at-risk youth by providing funding and guidance to build amazing skateparks in low-income areas.  I also like to help my best friend whenever I can.  For the last nine years the event was on Sunday so I could attend our Saturday launch then head up to L.A. for the soirée.  This year they switched to a Saturday fund raiser so there I was.
     But we're here to talk rockets and I'm off and running again.  My parents kindly gifted the Madcow 8" Mega Cowabunga  w/98mm mount for Xmas and it's been sitting in my garage awaiting a thorough cleaning until today:

You'll see some gummy adhesive remnants on the fins and the alcohol/water/detergent cleaning solution wouldn't touch those.  I'll bust out some Goo Gone and have at 'em in short order.  The only tricky part of this build will be the electronics bay in the nosecone tip.  I bought some 98mm centering rings with two different ODs and I plan to design and 3D-print the bulk plate.  I've been dabbling on these sorts of printed bulkhead designs for awhile and I think the extruded ABS plastic will prove more than strong enough for this application.  I'll post some CAD renders when available but I've also been using Modo to iterate on paint and car-wrap graphic options as well:

I have a large number of construction, repair, and finishing projects in the queue but if I can get the Cowabunga built and the Der Red Mix painted+decals before Plaster Blaster I'll feel fairly accomplished.  I'll post updates on my progress throughout the month.  Thanks for your continuing visits!

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