Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blown out again + new blog gadgets + cute buddy

The March Lucerne launch was windy enough that I didn't even unpack my car upon arrival.  Then, yesterday, the Plaster City weather report looked prohibitively windy so I fought the urge to again torture myself via long-drive-no-flying and stayed home.  I plan to hit Lucerne next weekend but we'll see. [Update: That was blown out too!!]
     I also added a search field to this blog and also a hit counter with graph there on the right.  Although the hit counter looks much higher than what Blogger currently reports, "Approximate Profile Views: 1334", but perhaps that's visits and the counter below increments page views?  Dunno but I'll leave it there for awhile anyway.  Signing off... here's a great shot of Zero by LL:

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