Sunday, October 31, 2010

UV Smooth Prime aging... fail.

For the second time I'm reminded that the yellow cross-linker included with the UV Smooth Prime product has a maximum shelf life of only a few months. On Friday I opened the little jar to find a rubbery solid therein. The white primer itself seemed fine so I rolled the dice and slathered it on Der Red Mix mark II anyway. Over the course of sanding for an hour today I noticed several spots where the dried primer was flaking out of the tube seams. I'd never seen this before with cross-linked primer so lesson learned: Use that $51 can of product quickly!!
They really should sell the cross-linker separately because of the aging difference of the two parts. In order to finish this rocket by Thursday I'll need to drive up to Aircraft Spruce in Corona tomorrow to buy another can. Hopefully they'll sell me a spare jar of yellow failure. Good... traffic... times.

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