Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Build progress update

Der Red Mix mark II suffers only from a lack of motivation. I am making progress and the build is far smoother the second time but, honestly, I should have been done by now. Here's the upper portion of the motor tube assembly with the e-bay door. I propped it upside-down in the airframe tube whilst it cured:
I'm also making marginal progress on the >2000MPH rocket. I completed the carbon fiber reinforcement of the coupler and grafted 12" of BlueTube 2.0 on the booster to fit the payload coupler and recovery system:

Yes I SHOULD have just used one continuous 48" length of 75mm BlueTube but I had committed the Slimline motor retainer to the 36" phenolic some time ago. I'm gonna wrap the whole thing with three layers of 6 oz carbon fiber so I think it'll be strong enough for an M3700 [shivers].

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