Sunday, May 2, 2010

Der Red Mix tube session and test fit

Tonight I was inspired to drill the extra holes in all four centering rings, cut the motor tubes to length, and mark them precisely according to the plan a few entries below. Everything went together nicely but before I apply any epoxy I realize I need to finalize the electronics bay mounting board first.
You'll notice that I've elected to dual-attach the shock cord on the upper plate. I think this should reduce the tendency to zipper as the load will be divided in half. I'm quite sure the Gates Brothers used to employ that trick. Also that single aluminum tube bridges the electronics bay to the motor area and will facilitate e-match wire transport. Hopefully this week I'll get this whole assembly done and the rest of the build should prove fairly trivial. I think the first flight will probably be a central CTI 1596K500 Red Lightning motor on the ground then air-starting 2 x 408I345 White Thunders. Niiiice!

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The EGE said...

Awesomely cool. Can't wait to see this beast fly.