Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Der Red Mix - fin reinforcement time lapse video

I sped this video up roughly 50x so as not to bore you. The fins turned out pretty well. They were initially fairly warped so I took them to work and placed them in an environmental chamber at 30C/80%RH to rehydrate the over-dried plywood. As I depleted one partial roll of 6 oz. carbon fiber fabric I decided to dip into my Kevlar/CF hybrid roll for the final 2 of 6 fin swatches. I should have used three Kevlar/CF swatches but this was a last thought for durability:

Oh and, once cured, the fins were surprisingly difficult to separate despite the use of vacuum film between each fin. The resin content is quite lean so the technique worked and I'll use it in the future.


David Reese said...

Love the Gui Boratto version of this track! You wouldn't happen to be another KCRW-listening rocketeer, would you?

G Frickin' Muneh said...

I'd never even heard of KCRW until now but I'm listening online now. Thanks for the tip!