Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Vessels for Plaster Blaster

From left-to-right:
  • 4" Em-Sem-Fity (also known as "Frank's worst nightmare")
  • 54mm minimum diameter Viciously Mean Machine (106" long for a roughly 50:1 aspect ratio)
  • 3" Vertical Assault mark II - fixed and freshly painted
  • Me in a sport coat and Prada loafers (so as not to offend those who fear the casual look and bare feet)
  • [By popular demand] .38 Spatial minimum diameter (Up and... gone... Oh wait there's the beacon!)
  • 4" V2


Doug said...

Thanks for the group photo. Good work Sir! For the unnamed rocket I would use my white trash influence and suggest ".38 Special" Hell Yeah!

The EGE said...

The rockets are awesome. I second '.38 Special'.

Also, you bear a passing resemblance to George Lopez.