Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Layup... FAIL!! Then success!

Alright so I completed my layup as planned below.  Again the Mylar stuck preferentially to roughly 50% of the cured surface.  It took me 3+ hours (no exaggeration) to peel/cut/scrape/wedge the film off the part.  Note the voids, scrapes, and residue:Having failed to release the film cleanly with all three methods to date I contacted Dave Triano and here's his reply:
"Are you oven curing this laminate right off the bat? If you have 'pre-heated' the oven (not good, you should plug it in when you insert the part), and leave it in too long (over 1 hour, or too hot), the laminate will stick as you describe. Try just allowing the laminate to cure at room temp overnight, then remove the mylar, then post cure the laminate."
I was confused by this reply since it seemingly contradicts the advice in Dave's videos and instructions.  Perhaps I'd missed something.  In any event I laid up another test part last night with only a single layer of Teflon release on the Mylar and... it worked perfectly!  While I'm elated to now fully understand the recipe I'm a bit bummed that I can no longer cure parts in an hour.  :(  I wanted to share his feedback in case others were frustrated as I was.  On a side note that's a single wrap of Carbon/Kevlar hybrid fabric on a 38mm cardboard tube with the glassine layer peeled off and...  it's insanely strong!  I'll reiterate: 1 wrap over cardboard tube!! It would likely survive aJ570.  Composites frickin' rock.

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