Sunday, April 5, 2009

Belated March launch updates

The March Plaster City launch featured amazing, wind-free flying.  I must say that this is the first year of many when the stars have aligned to allow confident flying so I'm going as often as I can.  I had four flights that day:
  • Vertical Assault 3" on a K185 - 7,076' with successful dual-deployment recovery using the ARTS2 altimeter.
  • Talon 2" on a Redline H210 - altitude unknown with higher altitude direction shift and successful recovery.
  • Bullet 4" on Redline I285 - altitude known with early ejection causing zipper.  Nosecone lawn-darted but, surprisingly, remained intact.
  • Jayhawk 5.5" on a J415 - perfect and impressive flight with ejection exactly at apogee (10 second delay is ideal in this warmer weather).  I also swapped out the 7' parachute for a 10' so there was no canard fin damage unlike the first flight.
I was busy flying all day so I didn't shoot any photos of my stuff. However, as I was about to leave at dusk, Ken Sparks flew an M1850 motor in an 18' tall rocket.  Both flight and recovery were perfect.  You can see most of my photos in this album.

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