Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Electronics board layout v0

Tonight I shot some studio pix of the planned electrical components and 5.5" square plywood mounting board. This is the layout I'm currently considering (click to enlarge):

I'll make sure the dip switches and polarities are correct and tested prior to the flight (but I was lazy in Illustrator for now).  I was advised to use a single-deploy scheme where the main parachute is ejected at apogee.  This will simplify the flight and improve my chances of certifying but there's a risk I'll have to walk for miles if it's at all windy.  As a contingency I'm prepared to fly a dual-deploy scheme as well where a small parachute is ejected at apogee, the rocket tumbles to roughly 1000 feet above the ground, and then the main 'chute pops:

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