Sunday, July 24, 2016

Building resumes

After losing my stalwart DarkStar I decided that I would not rebuild it. Instead I purchased a 4" Punisher w/75mm mount at LDRS and the booster is already built:
I really dig this volumetrically efficient design and hope it lasts for several years.  Three years ago my parents gifted the now discontinued 8" Mega Cowabunga from  After barging toward LDRS the build was nearly complete. I had planned to finish it on Lucerne Dry Lake Bed and fly it on an AT L1500 Blue Thunder.  Well it turns out that I had way more to do than anticipated and it wouldn't have been ready anyway.  In the week after that launch I finally finished the build and it's now ready to go:
I was also able to rather easily modify the previously reported 7.5" ID 3D-printed electronics bay to fit the ID of this larger rocket (shown with one Power Perch base installed):
I also made some build progress on the 7.5" Skunkworks V2 w/75mm mount:
Those internal fillets are going to suck.  I bought some industrial, arm-length gloves for the task and I suppose I could move into the business of artificial insemination of livestock afterward if I didn't love critters so much.  They all deserve to live happy lives unhindered and unconsumed by our species.  Finally, have you caught them all yet?  Since I started Pok√©mon  Go on 7/12/16 I have walked 68.57 miles in the real world and attaining level 20 offered quite the bounty!

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