Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Holtville Launch / October / 2015

You'll find this launch was slash-a-rific:

I realized that I don't have a ton to add here except that:
  1. My pictures of the launch reside here.
  2. The CTI 1115J530 Imax is a friggin' beast... as are all Pro38 6GXL reloads?!
  3. I'm a dunce and somehow reduced my delay about 4 seconds too short.  The rocket felt so heavy as I was prepping but there was no wind so I'll take responsibility for 2 seconds of that.  The other 2 seconds continue to perplex.
  4. That delay shortage caused a 1.5" zipper in the tube and also flung my AltimeterTwo somewhere in the desert; lost on its maiden flight no less.
Did I mention that it IS rocket science?

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Daena Taylor said...

Greg, I m contacting you because you might be able to help me find the owner of a rocket that my father recently found out in the desert outside holt like. There were signs awhile back asking people to call if they found it but, they have since blown away. The rocket seems in great shape. Parachute, cone, electronics we all collected. If you might know who had lost this, we would like to get it back to them. If you can help please call 760 518 9338. Ps the unit without cone was probably 8 to 9 feet tall. I have a picture if you would like to see it. Thanks, Jordan.