Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday build-day

I'm sad to report that I missed the Holtville launch yesterday but I got a second wind today, cleaned my garage workspace a bit, and did some building today.
     David Reese of Wildman West Rocketry is hosting a Punisher drag race at Rocstock 41 in June at Lucerne.  He offered up a limited edition Punisher kit bundle along with a Pro54 5G casing, closure, and K1440 White Thunder reload and I lucked into buying one before they stocked out.  I know that David and Kurt Gugisberg are in on the drag race so I'm looking forward to losing to them.  :)  Here is Crazy Jim's version and he has has also posted a useful build thread on The Rocketry Forum:
So I started building my 3" Punisher today and a whole bunch o' sanding prep was required for the motor mount, motor retainer, and centering rings but here's the assembly now curing in my garage:

This kit features a novel dual deploy scheme where the electronics bay resides in the nosecone shoulder and that coupler is shear pinned into the airframe and nosecone.  It's a solid design and uses volume very efficiently.  It's therefore atypically small and that 2372K1440 is going to kick it's ass into the sky with reckless abandon.  K1440 don't care.  K1440 just brutalizes what it wants.
     I also continued the build of my Polecat Aerospace 7.5" V2 with 75mm motor mount.  This this second build step anchors the motor tube with centering ring in the boat tail (one large centering ring and the airframe tube are used temporarily to center the motor tube in the boat tail while the epoxy cures below the fin slots):

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