Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh yeah... I have a blog.

Oops.  I sorta forgot to post.  Well in April the 6th was also my mom's surprise BD party in Tucson, AZ.  As such I flew nothing at Plaster but did sign off on Brock Walaska's perfect L3 then sped away.  Oh and I got a ticket eastbound just after El Centro so be sure to drive close to the speed limit between there and the AZ border. Bonus: on the way back home I saw a cop sitting at the exact same spot and facing the same way near exit 143.  Ugh.

It was windy in May but I did fly one rocket and got some vid so I'll do my best to edit and post that this week.  The weekend of June 1st is our last SD launch prior to the heat break but I plan to fly a few times in Lucerne over the summer.

Thanks for checking in!

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