Monday, June 25, 2012

Plaster City May '12 launch report

I've had this Pro54 6GXL L935 Imax reload laying about doing nothing for some time now. I elected to put it to work and then retire my trusty Loc 7.5" V2 after this fine flight:
That was the first and last onboard V2 footage I'll generate with that particular projectile of German design.  Here's the liftoff shot:

I really appreciate the initial cyan-ish flame tint near the nozzle. There in the lower left you'll also notice Frank Hermes' new Rocket Electronics RocKontroller 1 (model D).  I highly recommend this handy product as you'll never again need to haul launch leads out to the pad! That I set an altitude record of 7,472' for this rocket on its final journey simply iced the cake (Raven 2 data: graph, tabular).

And with that I bid thee auf wiedersehen, trusty old friend.  I now plan to procure a Polecat Aerospace 7.5" V2 with a 75mm mount to access some extra umph.

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