Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Belated: Plaster City January 2012 launch report

I've really got to post these entries right after the launch.  Otherwise these protracted delays result.  Ugh.  I decided to keep it simple that day and fly motor ejection only.

I captured two onboard video segments: Super Raven on CTI 867J244 White and DarkStar Lite on CTI 298H159 Green3 propellant:

I was surprised at how punchy that little J was and, as you saw, the Super Raven ejection popped 3-4 seconds too early.  It still attained 3,188' according to the awesome and simple Altimeter One.  Here's liftoff and uneventful recovery:

Second up was my well-worn DarkStar Lite one the Pro29 6G green reload. I like the mach diamonds and vapor eddies.  I also tried to include a photo of the altimeter's LCD screen showing 3,912' but it's hard to see at that angle:

Finally I flew my Madcow Squat on the Pro54 1G 465I150 Imax.  The up part was fun but I still managed to crack a fin fillet on landing. Those are some thick fillets too so... hmmm:

Still to come are my Der Red Mix five motor flight at Lucerne in January and a single sport flight at Plaster City in March.

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