Thursday, December 29, 2011

Belated thanks to Mike "Sparky" Jerauld!

Near the end of this year's Plaster Blaster event Sparky, president of DART rocketry in SD,  asked me to check out a rocket he'd found years ago and was trying to identify.  My jaw dropped when I realized he'd found my long-lost minimum diameter 38mm design!
I'd flown/lost it at Plaster City on a CTI 512I285 classic motor.  This flight predated my obsession with radio tracking as an invaluable insurance policy but I was out there with "Eagle Eyes" LL so what could go wrong?  Well both of us lost site of it after burnout and, despite scouring the area for over an hour, were unable to find it and gave up.  I'm not sure exactly who found it but Mike returned it completely intact including my long-lost Pro38 4G casing.  So thanks again and props to Mr. Jerauld!

Lesson learned: I should travel back in time and include a radio tracker before the flight.

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R2K said...

Love the Acme fin cans... If only they came in 75mm and 29mm.