Monday, June 20, 2011

June '11 @ Plaster City: Polecat Aerospace Super Raven x 2

For once I finished the video for these flights last week but have been remiss on my posting punctuality.  In any event I built the very pointy Super Raven kit from Jack Garibaldi at What's Up Hobby and it's a good time!  At this month's essentially wind-free Plaster  City launch I captured photos and vid of both flights so here goes...  First up was the CTI Pro38 I180 Skidmark with an HD keychain camera Gorilla-taped to the side:
And a crop of the flame detail showing lovely mass convection:
Next up was the CTI Pro38 H400 Vmax for a flight that was so fast that I reverted to a ground-based 30 fps video to show the fun:
Here's the video featuring both flights (as always 720p full-screen viewing on YouTube satisfies best):

The date/time info is whack and only the time is useful in a relative sense.  This was a great launch with solid weather and several folks whooped ass at our final launch before the summer break.  Special props to Mike Caplinger who achieved 21,127' feet with a K300 to best the Club's 20K President's Challenge!!

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