Sunday, December 26, 2010

Building three simultaneously = efficiency!

I'm taking advantage of my two-week break from work to complete construction on:
  1. 4" Extreme DarkStar - This was my gift to myself this year after seeing KO's success with the all-fiberglass kit. I've decided to break this one in with the pink M1676 Pro75 motor.
  2. Madcow Rocketry 4" fiberglass Nike Smoke - Thanks to the kind generosity of my parents who bought this kit for me for Xmas I plan to select motors with reckless abandon on this one.
  3. 3" Vertical Ass... - This is my abbreviated kit bash of the Vertical Assault parts from Giant Leap Rocketry.
Those are the second and third all-fiberglass rockets I've built and they seem to go together quite nicely. Here are the first two in my studio for scale:
And here's the build progress on the Vertical Ass... I took this opportunity to neatly cut exact diamond shapes from the 3" tube to perfectly fit the fin can shape:
Here's the clamping setup while the epoxy cures:
And I'm very pleased with the final cured form of the assembly:

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R2K said...

Love those acme fin canisters...