Monday, February 22, 2010

Darkstar lite build

I recently purchased an all fiberglass Darkstar Lite kit from Wildman Rocketry:

I needed an easy sport flyer for 29mm motors as my Arreaux is aging. This kit goes together so fast! Here's the AeroPack motor retainer end:
And the forward end:
And the overview of the motor tube assembly:
And, using this stupidly simple masking tape rig, I was able to tack all 6 fins to the motor tube at one time. Big fan!:
And these last two pics complete the assembly. I forgot to take them before flying this three times on Saturday so that's why the white tail end epoxy looks soiled:

And no the top fins are not tilted. Chalk that up to wide-angle lens distortion. Now onto finishing...


Frank Hermes said...

Should be a screamer! You going out for March? Are you going to fly LDRS?

flatresponse said...
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G Frickin' Muneh said...

Flatresponse, I'm not clear on why you deleted your question "Is the RA29P retainer the best fit for this one? Got a DarkStar lite on the way, and should probably get around to ordering an Aeropack soon... :) " but the answer is yes the phenolic version of the retainer is the right one for this fiberglass motor tube.

flatresponse said...

Oops, I think that was a clicking error! Regardless, thanks for the tip!